How To Clean Oriental Rugs At Home?

Oriental rugs are precious and they are also known as Persian rugs. They look fantastic, are a bit heavy and make the décor look perfect in their presence. But there’s a challenge when you have to clean these rugs. People have doubts about how to clean oriental rugs at home. The answer is, cleaning oriental rugs is not as hard as you think. Usually, people prefer giving these rugs to the best & professional rug cleaning company and dry cleaning experts. But, if you want to wash it at home, then here are some tips for you.

How To Clean Oriental Rugs At Home

Just Like Other Mats And Carpets, You Can Vacuum Clean This Rug To Maintain It.

To maintain the rug’s condition, you must vacuum clean the rig regularly. This is an integral part of the maintenance of your oriental rug. It is essential to understand that the way your rug is getting filthy depends upon the traffic intensity in that space. If the place has high traffic, then the rug will be exposed, so there is a need to clean it well with vacuum cleaning the same once a week.

Read The Cleaning Instructions Before You Take Any Further Steps.

If you want to clean the rug on your own, then you should have a basic idea about what are the cleaning instructions mentioned in the label. Depending upon the material the rug is made of and the way it has to be cleaned, there will be mention about the cleaning instructions. While you are looking forward to giving the rug to a professional carpet cleaning company, you don’t have to worry much. But for home cleaning, there must be some protocols that you should follow so that the rug stays in the best condition.

Step-by-step Cleaning Instructions To Clean Oriental Rugs At Home

  1. Just like to clean the other rugs, this process should start with removing dirt and debris from the rug. You can use a vacuum cleaning method for this. You can even use a microfiber cloth and start rubbing the rug. This will remove pet dander, dead skin, debris and so on from the Oriental rug.
  1. Take some normal water in a spray bottle and make both the sides of the Oriental rug a bit damp. Now, you can take some liquid detergent and mix the same with water and then start applying on the rug. You can take a smooth sponge for cleaning the rug. When you do this on both sides, the dust will be removed. Now, take a damp cloth and start wiping both the sides of the rug. When you do this, you will get rid of soap on both sides.

If you are reluctant to use soap or liquid detergent, then you can use water with a few drops of vinegar in it. Just like you had applied soap water, you can spray this liquid on the rug. Now, start wiping the rug with a damp cloth. You will see that the rug will not be too wet and at the same time, it will also get clean. When you use vinegar, the rug is free from bad smells. Your rug will start looking fresh and this method will also use minimal water.

  1. Get rid of stains because now since the rug is getting clean with perfection, if there are any stains then they will peep out. You can use baking soda and vinegar mix to remove different types of stains or at least make them light. While you are thinking how to clean oriental rugs at home, you will also have to be alert about the stains and the dirt marks that are there on your rug.
  1. If someone in your home has a dust mites allergy, then you will have to use heat to clean the rug. This is because the dust mites would go away only when there is water or steam. Using hot water for your expensive rug will not be a good solution. But yes, you can do steam cleaning at home. Take a home steam machine and use the same on your oriental rug. You will see that by following this process, you will also get rid of bacteria and microscopic organisms like dust mites. Try to follow this process at least once in a year.

It is up to you whether you want to clean the rug at home or you wish to hand it over to the professional cleaner.

Prevent The Rug From Getting Dirty

Prevention is one of the best measures to keep your things in great condition. Since having an oriental rug is a matter of good luck, you should save it and prevent it from getting bad and dirty. There are a few ideas that you can adopt on a regular basis and these include:

  • Not wearing footwear near the rug. Removing the footwear will help you to keep the dirt and dust away from the rug.
  • Note exposing the rugs to sunlight. Oriental rugs might fade if they come in direct contact with sunlight. Thus, you will have to be careful about this thing.
  • Quickly blot on the rug, if there is a spill. You should not let the spill and stain remain on the rug. As soon as you come across such an accidental spill, take quick measures and blot and clean the same.


While you want to clean Oriental rugs at home, you will have to follow the above method. Knowing something in detail never hurts and hence when you don’t want to use professional service, you can take the initiative to clean the rug on your own. Be open to newer ideas and ways to keep your things in great condition. Having a Persian rug or Oriental rug at home might create some amount of stress. But you should take the right measures to clean it and this will help you in every way. You can also hire the best oriental rug cleaning company.