How To Extract Flood Water From Carpets?

If moisture accumulates on the carpet, the first thing that you’ll think to do is air dry the carpet. Air dry will eliminate moisture only on the upper layer of the carpet. What will you do if the carpet has absorbed more water? It is very important for you to do deep extraction to prevent bacteria, dirt, mold, and germs from accumulating on the wet carpet. Wet Carpet Cleaning is highly prone to the attack of mold and mildew which in turn results in the formation of odor. Here are the simple ways to tackle flood water damage on the carpet.

Before you call the professionals of Flood Damage Restoration Brisbane to extract the flood water, there are a few simple solutions that can amazingly work to minimize the water damage on the carpet.

Flood Water From Carpets

Ensure Air Circulation

The first step to minimize the water damage is, to prepare complete ventilation in the affected area. When you increase the air circulation by opening windows and doors the problems will be minimized and it will protect the mold growth in the carpet. Open all the windows and doors in the room and allow the natural air to come in. if possible switch on the ceiling fans and table fans to fasten the air circulation. Turn on the dehumidifier to limit the humidity in the affected area.

Sprinkle The Baking Powder

Baking powder is an amazing tool to completely eliminate the unpleasant odor from the carpet. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking powder on the carpet and leave it for several hours. It will effectively remove the musky scent from the carpet.

Squeeze Out as Much as Possible Water From The Carpet

This step is the basic step that will be helpful for you to protect your carpet from water damage. Squeeze out as much as possible water from the carpet to limit the buildup of harmful particles. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove water from the carpet.

Sanitizing The Walls

Wet carpets are the perfect home for bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, after cleaning the carpet to some extent you must consider cleaning and sanitizing the walls. Because the bacteria from the wet carpet will easily crawl towards the wall and this will result in mold growth on the walls. Try to sanitize the walls as soon as possible when you notice the damage. Use any type of cleaning agent to sanitize the walls. you can also appoint professional cleaners team to make your job easy.

The presence of flood water in the carpet can result in carpet stain removal. Sometimes your carpet may be completely spoiled due to moisture. In this case, you’ll notice discoloured carpets or carpets will lose their strength and quality. Moisture carpet can damage both your property and your health. There are many ways to sanitize your carpets and walls near the carpets. If you employ the appropriate procedure you can easily tackle the problem and make your carpets look better. When you are helpless and have no idea about what to do when carpets are exposed to floods give a call to Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, as the professionals will handle the issue and give a complete solution for the problem.