Can You Get Sick From Your Mattress?

If your pet or child had a bedwetting experience and they left the mattress just wet, here you need to take action ASAP. At first, when you notice bedwetting, ensure to put sheets and pillow covers out of the mattress & cushions and toss them into the washing machine. It’s the first and very major step to follow before jumping to the mattress for cleanup. Once you are done with this, now you are wondering Is It Possible To Clean A Mattress After Bedwetting

Yes, it is possible and you can treat the mattress for cleaning up literally without making much effort. Make sure to follow the step wisely and appropriately as instructed; otherwise, it might create problems for you. Read on the demonstration showcasing how to get rid of urine and its stubborn stains smell from the depth of the mattress. 

It is a very common problem that occurs in every home, where you will find kids or pets. So you must pay attention to the mentioned tips. Moreover, if the urine occurrence has turned out to be very common; then ensure to take professional advice and suggestions also. 

Now do not get disappointed and read the information carefully. 

Can You Get Sick From Your Mattress

Know How To Clean Urine From A Mattress

Okay, we understand it is very difficult and tough to sleep on wet and unhygienic mattresses. Here we will showcase some tips, so you have to give some time for mattress cleanup. Do not let the yellow colour and odour on the mattress; rather take immediate action for its cleanup. 

Follow the mentioned process for cleaning right here:

1. Blot The Urine Spot 

Take a paper towel and blot it on the stained area. Press down firmly on the stained and moist area, it will help to soak the moisture from the stained area appropriately, and let the paper towel soak the moisture whatever remains in the mattress. 

Most of the time, people used to wipe the stained area. Do not wipe at all; otherwise, this is going to push urine deeper inside the mattress and result in making the cleaning tougher to get done. If you have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner at your home, then use that to extract the remaining moisture from the depth of the mattress. 

2. Create A Cleaning Solution

Yes, you read right. Now making the cleaning solution at home for urine stain removal is possible. However, you might find all the products and ingredients in your kitchen to make the cleaning solution for the urine cleanup from the mattress. Use white vinegar and warm water in a 50/50 portion and stir them both in the spray bottle. Now blot the stained area first with a paper towel and apply the cleaning solution over the stained area through a spray bottle. Leave the solution over the mattress urine stains area for some time. 

Now while removing the solution, use a paper towel and do blotting again. If the urine stain on the mattress is bigger and smellier, then you can repeat the same process for quite some time. The urine, smell, and stain will be removed when you follow the same process for some time. Remember, vinegar has a strong smell – so open the window when you spread vinegar and water solution on the mattress. 

3. Neutralize The Urine Smell

Once the urine-stained area is cleaned, now it is the moment to spread some baking soda on the mattress’s stained area. Ensure to leave baking soda over the mattress overnight, till it finishes the drying process (10 hours minimum). The next day, vacuuming the baking soda portion will remove the urine smell from the mattress. If the smell is still stuck inside the mattress; Repeat the process once again to eliminate the smell entirely. 

There are many people, who will still try to get professional products and cleaning solutions. That’s good, we are not claiming anything wrong here. But the above-scripted details mentioned are highly recommended by several people and also it is a great solution proven to bring expected results. 

Protect Mattress For Future Urine Stains and Smell 

It is great if you have cleaned up the mattress appropriately by following the above-mentioned tips. Have you thought about the future? We are here to mention some of the tips to use for the future protection of mattresses: 

  • You can get nighttime underwear for your kids. These pants can protect the mattress from getting bedwetting at night. The absorbency of these night underwear is great and nothing will happen to your mattress. 
  • Waterproof Mattress Pads are a great option to use for protection against bedwetting. The waterproof mattress mats will prevent urine absorption inside the fabric, which directly promotes a barrier between fabric and urine. 
  • You can use Disposable Bed Underpads on the mattress. If your child wakes up wet at night, these pads are perfect to absorb moisture inside and give the mattress a dry feel. It is a use-and-throw protection guard, so throw this after one use. 

Wrap Up

You were looking for the answer to “Is It Possible To Clean A Mattress After Bedwetting?” The above-mentioned details are perfect solutions you can use to safeguard the heavy investment made on mattresses. Or, you can simply reach out to professionals for reliable mattress cleaning services